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Ovrcome is a website created for people who suffer from apathy. Ovrcome aims to help people overcome their apathy because no other website is doing it.

Ovrcome was founded by Ollie who used to suffer from apathy. It took him years to find out whether he was depressed, bored or just plain apathetic and it took almost everything he's got to pull himself out of that grey and passionless numbness people call apathy.

Today, Ollie wants to help others to overcome their apathy and find their hidden joy, drive and passion in life.

During many years, Ollie read everything about apathy he could get his hands on and gathered a ton of articles, research papers and books about the subject.

Now he wants to share this invaluable information about apathy and how to overcome it without spending years and years looking for help.

Ollie (MBA) holds a Masters Degree in Business and used to work in marketing. Today things have changed and he is devoting his life to help others overcome their mental illnesses and is studying to become a psychologist.



Ovrcome.org, Founder


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